Paperwork for Selling a House Without a Realtor in Arizona

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How to sell a house without a realtor in Arizona and a detailed checklist of what paperwork you need to do it. 

If you have arrived at this article because you’ve found a buyer for your home, let us be the first to say congratulations! However, if you are still contemplating selling your home, it is advisable to get your paperwork in order for when you find your home’s next owner. Below, we detail the documentation that you need to ensure a smooth deal:

How can you sell a house without a realtor in Arizona?

The paperwork you need to put your house on the market depends on how you intend to sell it, and there are many options available to you beyond using a realtor. Here are a few ways to consider selling your house in Arizona without a realtor:

FSBO – For Sale By Owner

This is when an owner sells their property independently, without using a real estate agent or brokerage company.

Online Estate Agent

An online real estate company will list a property and offer a central call center but typically not provide in-person services, thus requiring lower commission.

Home Buying Company

A business that buys homes and properties for cash and can close a deal within a week or less. They may purchase the house to renovate and flip for a third-party buyer or speculation purposes.

What paperwork is required to sell a house without a realtor in Arizona?

We have outlined below the documents that are required in Arizona to complete a real estate transaction.


Arizona typically requires two forms of ID to complete a real estate sale, which is usually any two of the following:

·  Driver’s license

·  Passport

·  Photo ID issued in Arizona

Purchase Agreement

You will need a signed sales agreement, including any addendums for changes that have been agreed upon by both parties (seller and buyer).


To ensure that a random individual or company is not selling the property, it is integral that you produce the signed deed stating that you are the legal owner.

Affidavit of Title

This is a legal document that is notarized and stipulates that you are the rightful owner of the home and intend to sell only to the specific buyer in question. It will also confirm that the house has no liens against it.

Closing Statement

The closing statement is typically drawn up by the real estate attorney or agent holding the funds in escrow. This document would outline all of the various costs related to the property sale and whether the buyer or seller is required to pay each of them.

Bill of Sale

The deal is done, so it’s time to write up a bill of sale, which is a receipt that stipulates the price and what specifically was included in the purchase.

Additional documentation required in Arizona may include:

·  Home inspection report

·  Home warranty

·  Proof of home repairs

·  HOA forms

·  Mortgage information

·  Legal documents if you have inherited the property

·  Property survey report

Selling a home can be a daunting task, especially when you factor in the stress of packing, moving, and finding a new home. Fortunately, you can use the methods above to ease the entire process for you, ensuring a smooth home sale in Arizona.

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